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Spallanzani Milano 1880

Founded by Carlo Spallanzani in 1880, the history of the Milanese jewelry house Spallanzani is all about family heritage and savoir-faire, an Italian style and elegance that has perpetuated for 140 years.

In the early eighties the Spallanzani brand became a popular and coveted brand to own and to wear within the Milanese society circles. Spallanzani produced iconic annual fashion shows which became a “must attend” for the most influential people of the time, the Centennial Anniversary celebration event in 1980 is still unforgettable for those who attended.

Only You is the iconic signature of Spallanzani since 1970 when, for Valentine’s Day, Guido Spallanzani – son of the founder – gave to his wife Rosabianca a coded bracelet with the message: TSTQCA (tu sei tutto quello che amo / you are all that I love). Later on they decided to create a special gift to their daughter Marcella for her birthday: a bracelet with the names of her childrens “Gaia” and “Francesco”. Only You customizable bracelets became quickly a trend, a way to communicate and celebrate memorable events, show love, convey messages…

Today Gaia Spallanzani, has been overseeing the Spallanzani family business and has injected a fresh outlook and influence onto the heritage brand. Gaia’s vision has created a standard of a semi-couture product— a fusion of timeless tradition and contemporary innovation. Jewels are still entirely made in Italy by the finest craftsmen and artisans near Vicenza.